CampIT Conferences has partnered with Proventus Cybersecurity to offer our attendees a unique training offering to raise cybersecurity awareness within your organization. Proventus’ Organizational Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps with an organization’s cybersecurity posture in educating all levels within the organization about cybersecurity and the importance of reducing human error.


This course will not only benefit staff but also cybersecurity management to develop a strategic and real-world approach to help mitigate risk internally by protect their digital assets, maintain compliance, and prevent reputational loss by providing an understanding the need for cybersecurity as part of the business.


Proventus will also work with you and your organization’s cybersecurity team for any customized training you may want to include.  Training is conducted onsite; however, offsite training is also available if requested. This is a one-day training course for up to 50 employees per day so training can be succinctly targeted to the attendees. Offsite training is also available (sponsored by customer).


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